Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose an open or a silent generator?

Depending on the application, you can choose between an open generator or a silent generator. The silent or enclosed generator is usually the best choice, this robust enclosure will drastically reduce the noise level and protects the engine-alternator from external factors such as weather influences, bumps or contact with other machines on the site, vandalism or sabotage, ...

How long will my generator run on a full fuel tank?

Our generators are standard equipped with a tank capacity that is large enough to power the generator for 8 hours at a load of 75 %.If you want a larger tank, this is certainly possible, the tank in the base of the generator can be enlarged as desired and opportunities.

When should an emergency generator be serviced?

In order to guarantee the reliability of your emergency power installation, it is necessary to have preventive maintenance carried out on the installation at least once a year and preferably to test the installation under load.

Can I get extra plugs / fuses on these generators?

Svensson Generators offers various options in terms of connections, for example, if you want 2 plugs of 125amp on your 150 kva and then another 4 of 32 Amp, ask for them via our contact page.

Can I order an extra silent generator from Svensson Generators?

Is your generator close to an adjacent company, in a residential area or perhaps next to a mobile camera team? Ask for The Ultra Silent generators, fully designed to carry out the heavy lifting as silent.

Can I monitor my generator's activities on my PC or phone?

Indeed, your generator can be equipped with the correct intelligent console or display, this enables us and the customer to monitor important matters such as the location of the generator (in case of theft), fuel consumption, RPM, Ampere delivered, Frequency, oil pressure, fuel level and much more on the phone or via PC.

How can I ensure that I can always count on my generator?

Svensson Generators offers you the option of having your generator or emergency power installation professionally maintained by us. Our Service department is specialized in performing periodic and preventive maintenance from continuous generators to emergency power installations. Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for this. Be sure to ask about our possible maintenance formulas ...